“I fly when you are good to me, feels like, you can set me free”


"Unbounded as an ode to music, and the energy that represents music & creativity. It is also a conversation between ones critical mind & ones inner self, displaying that if we are good to ourselves, and can quieten that critical voice, we do set ourselves free, and this is not just creatively but across many aspects of our life. Over the years I have struggled with self confidence, especially when it comes to expression and music. Extremely self critical, each time that I have held myself back, bounded myself up and brought up my walls, it has felt crushing & painful. But, when I have been kind to myself, given myself the time and space to create in the moment and have tapped into that energy, it truly feels as if there are no limitations… Unbounded we can fly. I remember speaking to a friend Marcello Maio about this in the car on the way back from a gig. A few days later he sent me this super raw piano take he had recorded on his iPhone. Instantly out poured this vocal, written from top to tail, un-edited, recorded in my living room. Unbounded stayed in this ‘Acoustic’ form for quiet sometime, until I brought Dominic Kirk in to record Bata drums, playing a rhythm for Chango: The Yoruba deity of music, fire, passion and drums. The song then continued to grow in production but I decided that i’d like to share the song in its initial, rawest & purest acoustic form also, flaws and all, featuring the iPhone recorded piano take #1." - Milan Ring


loops Live melbourne collab. feb 2018.








The concepts of duality (Ying & Yang), spirituality and personal evolution are a constant source of inspiration to Milan’s artistry, as is the influence of her environment. From the sparkling city of Angels to humble Australian outback bedroom beats, her music is a rendezvous between polarities, laced with spiced Caribbean rhythms. 

“I am Chinese, Indian, Australian and have been truly lucky to have travelled to many corners of the globe because of my family and my music. I am inspired by all cultures and am particularly drawn to music from North & South America and the Caribbean.”

Milan’s signature sound is a carefully orchestrated balance between the analogue and digital worlds, blending live percussion with electronic drums and synths with her raw guitar takes. Her production dances between moods and elements whilst her dynamic vocals bounce from low earthy raps to luscious harmonies. Lyrically, her songs are a conversation about control, decisions and navigating the spectrum of self, with verses that burst into a pure stream of consciousness.

Directing each and every aspect of the creative process, from the first chord struck on the guitar to the final master, Milan is able to bring in all of her contrasting influences to shape a sound that is distinctly her own. This one woman powerhouse is perfectly illustrated to us in her live show, stepping out solo, creating loops, dropping beats, triggering samples all whilst effortlessly leading with the guitar and engaging us with her honest & unique vocal. She has worked toward independence, informing her business direction and releasing all of her own music through her label MXMAY. May this year saw her release ‘Venus Fly Trap’ a visual beat tape which reminded us that she holds her own as a producer and engineer. Milan will be blessing us with her voice soon though, following VFT with a stream of singles and shows.